How To Dress A Bed

It’s no secret that our bedrooms are a hotbed of fashion malfeasance. With an abundance of fashion magazines, TV shows, and social media sites, we are constantly bombarded with fashion tips, trends, and advice. Add to that our general obsessions with appearances, and we are in a constant state of self-consciousness about our wardrobes.

When it comes to dressing a bed in your bedroom, the phrase is literally as cliché as it sounds. It’s so obvious and familiar that most people take it for granted. However, that doesn’t make it less necessary to learn or any less challenging to get right. If you have a good eye for stylish design, you can learn how to dress a bed in your bedroom like a pro.

There are a few tips you should keep in mind when dressing your bed, especially if it’s at a motel or some other lodging type establishment. For one thing, the bed is usually located in a corner at a reasonably high elevation. This means that you don’t want anything too low and close to the floor so that you can lay down on it quickly. A mattress and pillow will help, of course, but if you want to style your room correctly, then make sure to include furniture as well.

The bed is usually covered in sheets made of cotton or linen fabric or both, moving into exacting detail. Trying to style such fabrics can be tricky because they typically tend to create an “eggshell-like” appearance that makes the best elements from both very obvious in what you wear them. It is best not to enforce this look with overly formal wear like suits and gowns but instead include textural elegance with colors and patterns for a more exciting result.

Your choices for linens tend towards flowing silken textures so that your clothes can flow across them without appearing too clingy. Not many people take seriously about bedroom design: that one item can often make all the difference between good styling and superb styling in terms of how well it works with other elements around it.

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