Perfume plays an essential role in our lives and how we express ourselves. Fragrances tend to be most prevalent in Western cultures during romantic dates or special occasions. There are also different perfumes, such as citrus, woody, aquatic, spicy, and oriental. Some people also consider colognes as perfumes, which are fragrances mixed with alcohol. Women usually wear perfumes, but some men also wear scents. If you want to know more about your perfume personality, read on to discover what fits you best.

You choose to wear perfumes with an oriental theme, whether a flowery scent or an earthy scent like sandalwood and patchouli. This scent is elegant and smells sweet without being too strong or heavy on your skin. In many cases, this fragrance is warm and spoils the wearer by making her feel completely relaxed. This scent seems to suit you because you have a natural eye for detail and are very stylish. You are very much in touch with your feminine side, and you enjoy blending in with the crowd. You can be quite demanding at times, but don’t let your trademark perfume fool people into thinking that you are a difficult person to get on with. Instead, let people appreciate you for who you indeed are, your sweet personality, and your charming ways.

If the image of an elegant woman wearing flowery scents does not suit you, then perhaps a more earthy scent will strike your fancy. If someone told you to walk around in a floral smell all day long, what would your reaction be? The answer is obviously that this would make no sense at all. Fortunately, this is not something that many people do in real life. Nevertheless, it is essential to know that there was once such a thing as walking around all day long wearing just one perfume!

This only happened now and again when people had spent money on certain perfumes that they felt needed to be smelled by everyone they encountered throughout their lives. This was because these perfumes were made from several different fragrances which were blended or created by mixing oils and herbs of various pleasant smells into unisex bottles or containers, which, whenever purchased by the wearer, ensured them everlasting memories of happy times or special events experienced during their lifetime alongside a positive and uplifting feeling of well-being and relaxation.

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