Gym is one of the most important parts of our life. It’s a place where we can exercise and improve our body image. When we go to the gym, there are some things that you should do before you actually get on your fitness equipment, as well as after. We will be talking about some things that we need to do before going into the gym, like how to warm up and what type of workout clothes should we wear. The next section will be about how to stay safe in the gym, or at least try our best not to get hurt while working out on different machines and weights.

Things to do Pre Gym and Post Gym

1. Before We Go in the Gym “Pre Gym”

Warm up. The first thing that you need to do before you go into the gym is warming up. Thermogenesis is the process of creating heat energy through your body, which is a necessary aspect of being active. When you are inactive, your body doesn’t produce heat. Therefore when we are working out, there is a lot of thermogenesis (heat production) which can be produced by our muscles if they would not be moving, like when you’re doing leg extensions or crunches and other similar exercises. By doing these exercises with weights at different angles, we can use different muscle fibers and trigger more muscle movement and improve our muscles’ metabolic effect during exercising.

Warming up will help you avoid injuries such as strained muscles, sprains and strains of other parts of the body, muscle cramps and more. Your muscles need to warm up before they can be used, so that’s why warming up is essential.

Before you go into the gym, move around. Warming up is very important because it helps to remove the stiffness which we have after a long period of inactivity. When you just came back from your vacation, there will be some stiffness in your muscles which will disappear if you do some simple exercises like jogging around the gym or walking around the gym hall or doing jumping jacks before going into machine work out machines or weight training and other similar activities .

2. Things to do Post Gym

You need to drink water after you’re done working out. This can prevent dehydration and avoid muscle cramps. Being dehydrated can make you sore, tired and weak for the next few days. You should drink three pints of water within two hours after your workout is finished, as well as eating food rich in potassium every day.

Women should not shower immediately after exercising . It’s a myth that women should not take showers or baths immediately after their exercise, because doing so will remove their sweat from the skin and will reduce their moisture level within the skin which could lead to problems such as sores and inflammation on the skin which is called Athletes foot.

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